Lesson 1: Learning the Days of the Week

Lesson created by Timmy McCarty AKA Deathninja50

In Korean the names of the days of the week are simple to memorize and the word structure works just like english. The word for day in korean is Yoil (Yo-eel) and just like english the word day goes at the end of the word. Example: Monday. So in korean its the same thing. Example: Wolyoil.

Sunday---Ilyoil (Eel-yoh-eel) 

Monday---Wolyoil (Wole-yoh-eel) 

Tuesday---Hwayoil (Wha-yoh-eel) 

Wednesday---Suyoil (Suu-yoh-eel) 

Thursday---Mokyoil (Mo-kyoh-eel) 

Friday---Kumyoil (Kume-yoh-eel) 

Saturday---Toyoil (Toe-yoh-eel)