Konkuk Admission

The undergraduate colleges admit students only in March, at the beginning of the first, or spring semester. Graduate schools, while normally admitting students in the spring, accept a limited number of students in September, for the second, or fall term. 

  • Qualification for Application

An applicant for regular undergraduate admission to Konkuk University must be a graduate of an accredited high school or pass the government-administered high school equivalency examination. In addition, each applicant must have attained a competitive score in the College Entrance Examination administered by the University in December or January of each year. 

  • Date of Application

Detailed information on each year's admission procedure is publicized through the mass media in December and January, and completed application forms must be delivered to the Admission Office directly from the applicant's high school principal. 

  • Entrance Examination

Applicants are granted admission on the basis of the results of their Scholastic Aptitude Test and their high school records. All applicants must take an essay-type test and oral interview on the day arranged by the university. 

  • Foreign students

Foreign students who have completed high school (twelve grades) or the equivalent are accepted when they are judged to have an adequate command of Korean language according to the entrance examination. The entrance examination for foreign students includes Korean, an interview, and a physical checkup. The following documents are required to complete the application: 

Application for admission 
Certificate of high school graduation and transcripts 
Alien residence certificate 
Two letters of recommendation 
A letter of financial guarantee 

The number of students who can be admitted each year to each department in every university in Korea is regulated by the Ministry of Education.